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SCRIP-J is a passionate team of printing experts. We work round the clock to provide our clients with products that aren’t just a source of success – they’re a source of pride.

Our Mission

SCRIP-J exists to help businesses promote their business better

Our Vision

To be the Region's most trusted supplier, offering timely and effective solutions to their diverse business needs

Our Values


Integrity: We believe integrity manifests reliability, builds trust and confidence, and sustains mutually-beneficial, long-term relationships.

Service Excellence: We believe excellent service clearly differentiates us and earns us repeat business.

Teamwork: We believe that we accomplish more, better and faster working together as a team.

Employee Development & Welfare: We believe happy employees lead to happy customers, so we provide a structure that supports the development of their capabilities and the enhancement of their well being.

Professionalism: We believe that our work ethics, discipline and comportment provide the critical foundation that ensures consistent quality in everything that we do and establishes us as leaders.

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